Sunday, April 11, 2010

Converting all iPhone apps to work on iPhone, iPod, and iPad

We have been working on getting all of our versions of iPhone statute applications so they will work on iPads from same application. (No need to re-purchase an iPad version, the iPhone version that you paid for will work on your iPad, too. FREE is a *very* good price.)

Here's the list of apps ready for sale:

- Alabama Code (AL09)
- Alaska Statutes (AK09)
- Arkansas Code (ARCode09)
- Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS09)
- California Statutes (CA09)
- Delaware Code (DECode09)
- District of Columbia Laws (DC09)
- Idaho Code (ID09)
- Kansas Statutes (KSStatutes09)
- Louisiana Law (LA09)
- Massachusetts General Laws (MA09)
- Michigan Compiled Laws (MI09)
- Minnesota Statutes (MNStatutes09)
- Nebraska Statutes (NEStatutes09)
- Nevada Revised Statues (NRS09)
- New Jersey Permanent Statutes (NJ09
- North Carolina General Statutes (NC09)
- North Dakota Century Code (NDCode09)
- Ohio Revised Code (OHCode09)
- Oklahoma Statutes (OK09)
- Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)
- Puerto Rico Laws (PR09) (2007 English)
- South Carolina (SC09)
- South Dakota (SD09)
- Tennessee Code (TNCode09)
- Texas Code (TXCode09)
- Utah Code (UTCode09)
- Vermont Statutes (VTStatutes09)
- Washington Revised Codes (RCW2009)
- Wyoming Statutes (WY09)

Here are some screen shots when run on an iPhone/iPod:

Here are some screen shots when run on an iPad:

Thank you for your interest!

If you don't see the state you're looking for, please let us know.

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