Friday, January 1, 2010

Submitted Massachussetts General Laws to appstore!

Submitted The General Laws of Massachussetts aka MA09
(includes all amendments to the General Laws passed through April 30, 2009) to the Apple appstore today.

- The laws for the State of Massachussetts in an easy-to-use, iPhone interface.
- Runs entirely from the iPhone. (no internet connection required)
- Can drill-down to specific law.
- Option to go to next/previous section from the section view
- Search options:
   - Can search for one or more partial keywords
   - Can limit the number of search results (for performance)
   - Option to search criminal/traffic only or all statutes (for performance)
   - Can default the criminal/traffic option to be 'on' or 'off'
- Can set the font size
- Works in landscape and portrait modes
- Easily email the law
- "Favorites" option
- Font contrast preference (for night viewing)

Selecting a section from the list shows the text of the section very quickly.
Easy to use. No need to carry reference books. It is all there, at your fingertips.

Great for police officers and anyone interested in Massachussetts law.

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