Monday, November 9, 2009

More iPhone Apps for the appstore

Been so busy updating apps in the Apple app store, that this blog has not been kept current. (for the past month or so)

We are working on all states, as well as improve the applications as suggestions come in.

We now have the following states in the appstore:

- Alabama (AL09)
- Arkansas Code (ARCode09)
- Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS09)
- Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS09) (updated Dec 2009 - see posting about removing CRS from appstore)

- Delaware Code (DECode09)
- District of Columbia Laws (DC09)
- Idaho (ID09)
- Kansas Statutes (KSStatutes09)
- Minnesota Statutes (MNStatutes09
- Nebraska Statutes (NEStatutes09)
- Nevada Revised Statues (NRS09)
- North Dakota Code (NDCode09)
- Ohio Code (OHCode09)
- Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)
- South Carolina (SC09)
- South Dakota (SD09)
- Tennessee Code (TNCode09)
- Texas Code (TXCode09)
- Utah Code (UTCode09)
- Vermont Statutes (VTStatutes09)
- Washington Revised Codes (RCW2009)
- Wyoming (WY09)

Please let us know if you have any suggestions/problems/comments.


  1. Added comments. This is just a test.

  2. I work in retail loss prevention and would LOVE to see the Official Code of Georgia Annotated added to your array of apps.

  3. I've been looking online for the Code, but it looks like Georgia entered into an exclusive contract for the statutes. *shudder*

    There is a somewhat recent (circa 2006) version online in a couple of other places. Would that be of use on iPhone? (I suspect not, but curious what you think.)

  4. Mike I am a Chief of Police in Oregon. I am looking for recent ORS for the HTC Hero phone. Can you help me? Thanks Rick

  5. We are currently investigating the effort to the Android. If you let me know your email address, I'll keep you posted. (Email:

  6. Mike, My email is That would be great. Thanks, Rick